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Networking For Direct Sales Only


We’ve all seen it. So many networking groups and meetups post the requirement “No direct sales or MLMs”. Why is that? So many of us have great products, marketing ideas, and wisdom to share with the small business community. And we can be great customers too. But let’s face it, our businesses are unique and we are not always welcome by groups that service “traditional” businesses. So it’s time for us to have our own network to share ideas, lift each other up, and work together to inspire growth in our industry.

I know so many woman who have turned to a direct sales business as a way to earn extra income, grow professionally, promote a product that they love, and build their social circle. For me, being involved in this business has had a profound impact on my self esteem, business knowledge, and income. But there are things I still need to learn and I always enjoy a good strategy session with someone who isn’t necessarily part of my own team at my own company.

After many discussions with some of my closest friends in direct sales, we decided to create a group specifically for us and NEO WINDS was born – Northeast Ohio Women’s Inspiration Network for Direct Sales. There are 3 things that are unique and specific about our new networking group:

  • We are all women
  • We are all working in direct sales, network marketing, for an MLM (or whatever term works for you)
  • We are all located in northeast Ohio

We are planning lots of fun things through NEO WINDS – sharing content in a closed Facebook group, local meetups for lunch, strategy discussions, and general support for each other. If you are a woman who works in direct sales either full time or as a side business (I hate the word hustle), we would love to have you join us.



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