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September 22, 2021
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    Beauty + Comfort = Confidence!

    There is nothing I love more than sharing this product and seeing the joy it creates for women who have finally found a solution to uncomfortable bras and shape-wear.


    I was an overweight kid. How many of us have that memory? Growing up in the 70s and 80s, it was tough to be bigger than the other girls. I had friends and was generally happy, but there were bullies that would tease me from time to time and if I’m being completely honest, it hurt. By the time I reached my senior year in high school, I didn’t just want to lose weight, I longed to be skinny. I set up a workout and food plan that seemed logical to me. In hindsight it was probably dangerous.

    • Breakfast was a half cup of high fiber cereal with skim milk.
    • For lunch, I had a small yogurt, a banana, and a diet soda.
    • Dinner was a frozen diet meal.
    • At work in the evenings, I’d get another diet soda and a green side salad

    At best, I was probably consuming 1,000 calories a day. My workout routine was an aerobic workout that I had on cassette tape with a poster taped to the back of my door to follow the moves. After school, I would ride an old exercise bike while watching General Hospital before I grabbed a shower and went to work. I lost about 40 pounds and went from being an overweight teen to a skinny one.

    I was proud of my accomplishment but terrified of gaining the weight back – and of course, I did. I lived the cycle of extreme yo-yo dieting well into my 30s and finally reached a point of liberation in my 40s, when I decided I’d had enough. I learned about nutrition and found a few exercise programs that worked for me. My weight stabilized at a healthy number and I felt great and still do today.

    One of the things I remember about my 30s was how much I hated shape-wear. I had a corporate job, needed to dress professionally, and would always buy shape-wear to look better in my clothes. Even when I looked great, I felt ugly. The shape-wear was uncomfortable and seemed like a punishment for not being perfect. As my weight stabilized, I vowed to never wear another shaping garment again.

    So how did I end up falling in love with Ruby Ribbon? At first, I had no interest in their products. Like most women, I hated my bra, but resigned myself to accepting the discomfort of the itchy clasp in the back, the straps that never seemed to stay on my shoulders, and the uncomfortable underwire. One day I was shopping at a consignment store and tried on a dress that fit, but just didn’t look quite right. The fabric was clingy and as much as I loved the dress (and the price – consignment shopping is the best!), I decided it just wasn’t for me.

    A friend of mine convinced me to try it on again with one of the Ruby Ribbon camis instead of my bra. I was reluctant but willing. I stepped into the cami and the first thing I noticed was that it was comfortable – more comfortable than a bra and it didn’t feel anything like the shape-wear I had abandoned years ago. I put the dress back on and it looked great! I didn’t feel punished for not being perfect. I felt confident. I didn’t feel ugly. I felt beautiful. I didn’t feel squeezed and constricted. I felt comfortable and supported.

    I bought the cami and the dress and a few months later, I joined the team and added Ruby Ribbon to my business mix. There is nothing I love more than sharing this product and seeing the joy it creates for women who have finally found a solution to uncomfortable bras and shape-wear. And I learned a new formula – Beauty + Comfort = Confidence!



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