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September 22, 2021
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    Nurture Your Nails and Give Them a Break


    Before I became an Independent Color Street Stylist, my knowledge of nail polish, nail products, and nail care was pretty much non-existent. I would get an occasional gel manicure, peel it off eventually, hide my hands while my nails got back in shape, and then just leave them alone. I had short, unfiled nails that split and broke easily and I just figured that was how it had to be. Whether it was genetics, laziness, or lack of interest, I didn’t give my nails much thought.

    Then I found Color Street. I learned how to file my nails, apply the strips, remove them properly, and have a great looking manicure. This advice was easy to share, and the product is so simple to use that sometimes we forget that there is more to healthy nail care than just having good looking polish. Having a fun and open customer base to serve has taught me a ton about nail care. I’ve learned from my customers and shared information with them and am confident that I’ve got a nice list of tips to share for nail care best practices. So here it goes….

    1. Drink your water. Water is good for everything in your body and that includes your nails. When I don’t drink a lot of water and keep myself hydrated regularly, I notice my nails getting more brittle and drier. So, keep up the water intake.
    2. Use an acetone free remover. I absolutely love Mineral Fusion. It removes Color Street easily and does not dry out my nails at all. Remember to wash your hands and apply moisturizer after using nail polish remover. And please, please, please don’t peel off your nail strips. You will take a layer of your nail off with them and weaken the nail in the long run.
    3. Take magnesium and/or biotin for healthy nails. There are lots of supplements that I’ve read about for nail health, but I find magnesium to be the best to reduce ridges and biotin to be the best for nail growth.
    4. File your nails with a glass nail file. This is a much smoother way to file your nails and will reduce splitting and breaking. You will also get a better application at the ends of your nails with less chipping. Glass nail files last a long time and just need to be rinsed and dried in between use.
    5. Use a nail strengthening cream like Healthy Hoof or Hard as Hoof Hoof daily. You can apply this when you have polish on, just don’t apply it right before you apply your nail strips and wait at least 6 hours to apply it afterwards.
    6. Give your nails a break. That means do not wear any nail polish or nail strip for more than 10 days and rest for 3 days in between applications. It’s great that some of you can get 3 weeks out of your Color Street application, but to keep your nails healthy, they need access to moisture and lotion and can’t be constantly covered. Nails do not breathe. They are fed from your blood stream. But keeping them covered constantly with no rest in between will still dry them out, so don’t feel the need to test how long your manicure will last and remove it every 10 days.

    So this is my list of nail care tips. I hope it’s helpful to anyone on the journey to having beautiful polished and naked nails. It’s fun to have beautiful colors and styles on our nails, but maintaining healthy and strong nails beneath that polish is the real key to a beautiful manicure.


    1. Switching to Mineral Fusion has done wonders for my nail health immediately! Thank you for introducing me to it!


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