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September 22, 2021
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    The First Time I Used Color Street

    When my niece told me about Color Street and showed me how nice her nails looked, my first thought was “Well I’m sure other people can do that, but it won’t work for me”.


    It’s late at night and I’m sitting in my hotel room reflecting on the 2019 Color Street Stylist Conference. What an experience! When I think about how much I’ve learned about nail polish, nail care, nail health, and style it’s kind of mind blowing. As I sit here with a bowl of ice cream, I can’t help but reflect on the first time I tried these amazing and life changing (yes, I said life changing) nail strips.

    Before I tried Color Street, I really didn’t think much about my nails. They were typically not filed, ragged on the edges, short, and splitting. My cuticles weren’t pushed back, and I had convinced myself that taking care of my nails was frivolous and unnecessary. I had a professional career, but I worked from home and didn’t spend a lot of time in front of clients or co-workers. So, my nail game consisted of this:

    • Let my nails go completely and then rush out to get a gel manicure before a business conference or client meeting.
    • Keep the gel manicure on as long as possible.
    • Peel or scrape off the gel when I got tired of it or a few weeks had passed.

    After I left my corporate career, manicures were an expense I couldn’t justify. My shaky hands and lack of coordination (and patience) left me unable to polish my own nails. I just kind of gave up on trying. Most of the time I didn’t care what my nails looked like. But every so often I would find myself somewhere doing something that drew attention to my hands, and I would feel just a little bit self-conscious.

    When my niece told me about Color Street and showed me how nice her nails looked, my first thought was “Well I’m sure other people can do that, but it won’t work for me”. Her excitement about the product was infectious and the price was reasonable. Without even trying a sample, I ordered 4 sets. When I got them, I picked the set I liked best called Loire Valley. I read the directions, open the package, and applied them. No problem – that was it! They looked pretty good and I was excited but also a bit puzzled that I was able to do this. I hadn’t filed my nails well before I applied them, and my cuticles weren’t in great shape. But I understood how easy this could be and felt like with a little more practice, I could change my ways and be that person who always has nicely manicured nails.

    I took my first “Nailfie” and sent it to my niece. She was impressed too. I decided to join the business “for the kit” and next thing I new I had a nice supply of colors and styles and so did many of my friends. My “Nailfies” got more creative and I mastered my application technique. I went from looking for basic solids to venturing out into glitters and different designs and I tortured my husband with endless discussions about nail polish, which I think he secretly enjoyed.

    I started to feel more confident about my nails and my appearance in general. It seems a little silly, doesn’t it? I was a successful and happy person in life who just had some messed up nails. It didn’t really bother me and I hadn’t given it much thought in the past. Why would something as simple as having nicely manicured nails make me feel so much more confident? I still haven’t figured that out. But I do know that every time I put on a new set and see that twinkle of glitter on my nails, I smile.


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