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July 28, 2021
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    Color Street is on the Rise!

    There is no better feeling than knowing you are part of something positive that is growing and thriving and focused on the future.


    I joined Color Street in February of 2018 as a fun distraction while I sorted out my career. I left a stressful corporate job the previous year and was working on building a new consulting business, teaching fitness, and just added online teaching for extra income.

    Aside from an occasional gel manicure as an attempt to make my nails beautiful, I didn’t even do my nails much before I tried Color Street.

    I tried Color Street because my niece was excited about it and her friend had started a business. I didn’t think I’d like them or ever put them on, but I love to support people that are working to do something new and buying a couple sets was a good way to share something with my niece and support her friend.

    But I did end up giving them a try, and I loved the way they looked, how easy they were to apply and how healthy and strong my nails were after I removed them. I wore them more and my friends began to take an interest in my new, stylish nails, so I decided to sign up and have some fun with this. My business, my circle of friends, and my income grew—I was genuinely excited about the business.

    It’s been over a year and I’m still moving forward. Today, the Company sent us an email announcing that Color Street was ranked #78 on the list of the top direct selling companies in the world. The company is not yet 2 years old and has products available only in the US, yet it still ranked high on the list.

    They also received a Bravo award for fastest growth between 2017-2018. I was overcome with a tremendous feeling of pride, knowing that I contributed to that growth and that I’m part of a company that’s moving in an amazing direction.

    Before I left my career, I worked in a field that was struggling: print media. Companies were going bankrupt, layoffs were a common occurrence, and so many people were trying to put out fires instead of looking toward growth. We worked to only cut costs, reduce budgets, lower expectations and goals and every day seemed like an exhausting fight to survive instead of thrive.

    When I made the decision to leave and find something of my own, I assumed it would be in a similar role in a similar field. I never in a million years thought I’d find business success and industry growth in the world of nail polish. But I’m so glad I tried it.

    There is no better feeling than knowing you are part of something positive that is growing and thriving and focused on the future. And the best thing is, finding a career like this is an option for all of us, whether you choose direct sales with a product you love, or sharing your passion and skills with the world as an entrepreneur. It’s a feeling that moves you forward, makes you happy to do your work each day, and creates a sense of pride in your work that we all need.


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