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    Building a Vision of Your Healthy Life

    The power of LEGO® Bricks never ceases to amaze me and the ability to use this tool to collaborate with another entrepreneur is truly something special.


    One of the things I love most about the LEGO® Serious Play® method, is its versatility. I enjoy incorporating it into discussions and more than anything, it’s a great way to collaborate with other small business owners in the community. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Colleen McArtor from Sustainawell. Colleen has an amazing story and her passion for helping people resolve their weight struggles is infectious. We met for a few hours and learned about what each of us does and decided to collaborate on a workshop called Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul.

    The day of the workshop we all met, enjoyed a healthy and delicious salad prepared by Colleen and then proceeded to build models of what our lives look like as healthy people. What do we do each day? What things do we enjoy when our health is good? How do we interact with our families? What do we eat? I took the opportunity to build in this workshop myself and it seems that no matter how much I think of things in my daily life, when I grab those LEGO® Bricks and start to build, I come up with ideas I hadn’t really articulated before. Here’s what I built:

    As I grabbed different bricks and my model came to life, the thing I realized was that my focus on health has a lot to do with aging and activity. My model represents me as I get older, traveling to places like Africa, Hawaii, and participating in active travel. For me, health right now isn’t as much about being thin and looking beautiful as it is about wanting to live a long time and have a great quality of life. I’m represented by the small mini-figure in white – the white represents my activism since the suffragettes wore white. I want to continue to have the energy to get involved in causes that I am passionate about. I am holding brooms because I realized how important it is to me to live in a clean and comfortable space and how maintaining a clean home for me, is a sign of good health. There is a brown bucket with “just enough” money in it to do the things I enjoy. Finally, the white pole with the trophy represents my desire to get back into running and complete one more marathon – ugh! That’s a scary thought and one I didn’t even know was in my head.

    The models triggered some great discussions among all of us and as we broke our models down and returned the LEGO® Bricks to their cases, I couldn’t help but think about how much closer I felt to these women and how honored I was to share my vision of my own healthy life with them. The power of LEGO® Bricks never ceases to amaze me and the ability to use this tool to collaborate with another entrepreneur is truly something special.


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