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September 22, 2021
Here's my list of nail care tips--I hope it's helpful to anyone on the journey to have beautiful polished and naked nails.
It’s been said that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. So instead of focusing on the items I’m donating and no longer interested in, I thought I’d change my thinking and focus on why I love a few of the staples in my wardrobe.
I joined Color Street as a fun distraction while I sorted out my career, but it has turned into a business I am genuinely excited about!
When I picture a strong woman, I think of my Mom and her opal. The youngest of four, my greatest joy was riding around in the car with my mother after everyone else left for school—I felt so special to have all of her attention on those days. Even through my teenage years we rarely fought or...

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